LatinCARDIO is a Trademark of The M Corporation



The LatinCARDIO Instructor Training is a workshop that focuses on developing the instructional skills needed to successfully share the LatinCARDIO Dance Fitness experience. Attendees will learn class structure, teaching methodology, and core principles that address the unique challenges of delivering an authentic LatinCARDIO Dance Fitness experience.

Upon successful completion of LatinCARDIO Methodology workshop, attendees will receive:

- 1-year LatinCARDIO license *

- 1-year Level One Licensed Instructor Status

- LatinCARDIO teaching skills & techniques

- LatinCARDIO class design, structure and flow

- Step-by-step LatinCARDIO Choreography for a 1 hour class

- One LatinCARDIO music CD

Instructor Training Workshop Fee: Registration fee is $495.

Registration Deadline:

Prerequisites: Attendees must complete the Dance Instructor application as well as attend four LatinCARDIO classes prior to the workshop.

* All levels of LatinCARDIO Licenses, Certifications and Renewals are subject to the terms of use and conditions contained in the LatinCARDIO Instructor’s License Agreement and the Policies & Expectations contained therein.

* LatinCARDIO reserves the right to grant certification status once candidates have completed 5 public teaching hours. Validation of public teaching can be provided by way of class location, schedule and a video recording of one class.

*LatinCARDIO reserves the right to annul licensing for misrepresentation of the LatinCARDIO name, logo and/or alteration of class structure or core principles.